Educational Assessment & Evaluation for School Librarians & Teachers Fall 2014

Course Description Fall 2014

Educational Assessment & Evaluation for School Librarians & Teachers is an online competency based, collaborative professional development course for educators that will enable participants to develop and directly apply essential capabilities related to educational assessment and evaluation in their educational settings.

Participants, working in teams consisting of school librarians and teachers will identify a learning module that is aligned to the existing curriculum in their K-12 setting. By learning module we mean an integrated educational unit, which includes: student learning objectives, instruction, assessment and evaluation. The learning module must be implemented in a K-12 setting during the period of participation in the course. Participants will work collaboratively on planning, implementing, evaluating, and refining the learning module that will involve periodic assessment of student attainment. Course participants will participate as reviewers for other course participants. Peers and course instructors will review the learning module in all of its stages.

The course is directed exclusively to develop essential assessment and evaluation capabilities. Participants’ attainment of the capabilities will be assessed on the basis of:

  • Responses to practical exercises related to assessment and evaluation
  • Development and refinement of the learning module
  • Participation in peer review of learning modules
  • Collegial conversations with faculty and peers

Periodic ‘real-time’ meetings will provide opportunities to meet colleagues, pose questions and problems, and share experiences in the atmosphere of a collegial workshop.

Upon successful completion of the program, participants will receive documentation of their level of attainment on each of the essential capabilities, and an evaluation of the final state of their learning module based on instructor and peer review.

Please contact Joette Stefl-Mabry, PhD for information about the course or enrollment information: