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    Monica De Tuya

    A conversation thread facilitated by Jason Brechko.

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    Jason Brechko

    Yesterday evening my colleagues at ACASE and I had the honor of presenting our work on “A New Approach to Grading” at the STANYS Sienna Conference to a group of 20 educators. I am grateful for their participation and questions that deepened my awareness and understanding of the need for a new approach to grading, what to assess, and how to communicate about this topic to the broader public. I am looking forward to continuing the conversation here.


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    I was hoping that you would share your slides from the new approach to grading presentation. I am preparing to share the ideas presented with our faculty.

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    Jason Brechko

    Hello Heather, please contact me via e-mail at jbrechko@gfsd.org to discuss that further!

    Thank you for your interest,


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