Courses in Educational Assessment and Evaluation

IMOCs – our answer to MOOCs

We demonstrate and offer Intimate, Monitored, Online Courses. We like to think of them as a needed complement to Massive, Open, Online Courses. IMOCs are competency based. They are structured so that participants develop specific concepts, skills and dispositions. During each course, participants receive assessment reports of their progress in attaining the targeted capabilities. At the completion of the course, participants receive a report that certifies their level of attainment of each of the course learning goals. IMOCs are characterized by intensive interaction between participants and instructors.

Presently we offer EA&E Online – Fundamentals of Assessment and Evaluation for Educators. The course is structured around asynchronous and real-time meeting in which participants design, test, evaluate and refine educational activities and engage in peer review of those activities. We consider the capabilities targeted by this course to be essential professional qualifications for practicing educators at all levels (e.g. teachers, administrators, research and evaluation specialists and educational policy and decision makers. The course is facilitated by Forum Fellows.

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